Friday, June 25, 2010

Sun, Sand & Sea

I have been here one month and today I officially miss the ocean, the San Francisco Bay, and all the nooks & crannies that go with it: Stinson Beach, Bolinas, West Marin, Sausalito, the Embarcadero, Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, Marin Headlands. I also love that I am in full-blown summer here in Ashland, OR and it's warm enough to eat ice cream outside. At night. In a dress. With no wet weather gear for fear it might dip below 50 degrees in June...but still. The ocean. I miss it & wanted to pay a little tribute today. For those who are on it, near it & enjoying it, dip your toe in for me. Thank you.
The view from a Sausalito bench looking towards Tiburon. Best bench ever to watch the world go by.
Random surfer dude.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A is for Aqua: Part 2

I posted on our blog at work today about loving all things aqua & antique & I have not stopped thinking about it. Here are some lovely pieces of local inspiration...some that have made it home with me, some that I have just admired.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

p.s. write soon

I've become a lackluster snail mail correspondent in the last year where I used to pride myself on handmade envelopes (Mindalopes! So fun to make!!!), illustrated letters, and quirky cards leaving my little post office. This typewriter shot is an attempt to remind me how great it feels to send p.s. write soon is not to you, but to me. And if you're one of the empty mail boxes that used to receive treats, feel free to nudge me along....xo

Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

What happens when everything you own is a whiter shade of flea market pale & you move into a little cottage painted the colour of...santa's workshop...after a few rum & egg nogs??? Apparently, you roll with it and end up loving the way years of quirky treasures & an ecclectic art collection come together on my most surprising pallette. Welcome to Ashland!
Whatever shade of Kermit this looks like on the screen, I promise you, it's brighter in person.
After many years of owning this piece, my #3 bird painting by friend Kazaan Vivieros is always the first thing I hang. It centers me, my home and makes space for all its art friends. Home sweet home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


You deserve a trophy! An award for following a long absentee blog (good reason, I swear...job change, relocation, life know, the usual...) but thank you for staying tuned for my funny artistic minutae. Todays shot is a sneak preview of an upcoming Papaya! catalogue spread (I did mention a new job, right?) taken at my new digs in my new town of Ashland, OR. Yay!!!! It's been two weeks since my arrival & so far, I find it to be an incredibly warm, welcoming & artistic community. I am feeling very grateful for these changes & infused with a spark of inspiration that makes me say...mmm....