Friday, July 19, 2013

The Monogram Paintings A-Z: The Letter C

The Motherland is calling me home today. Could not resist these Hudson Bay blanket chairs &...the rest is Canadiana history. My painting teacher is about to leave for a week long trip up to a famous log cabin (my parents) on Vancouver Island (my home) so there is lots of chatter today about the awesomeness of all things Canadian and their friendly peeps. Oh, go on. No, really. Go on.

There is something so nostalgic about those felt chairs, that signature yellow, red, blue & green stripes that we (the Canadiennes) grew up with, probably not even knowing how iconic they were. They just were. Wasn't that the requisite blanket at everyone's nana's house...or neighbours...or summer BBQ?

I love that Canadians are reverse hip. I miss living there. I love it here, in the U S of A, it has its perks for sure, but I'm proud to flash that navy blue passport with CANADA embossed in gold. I love landing at YYR & all signage is bilingual. And the chocolates are Rogers, the tea is Murchies & the Pacific ocean circling Vancouver Island is in my blood.

Oh, Canada. xo

18 x 24, acrylic on canvas.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Monogram Paintings A-Z: The Letter B

B is for Beauty & Blessings. It's also for bare feet, beaches, breezes, & boats. And for buoyancy, bubbly, bouquets, blogs, breathing, balmy, bonanza and BAM!

Letter B is brought to you today in form of acrylic painting, pink & green & all things mid-century modern, 18 x 24". xoxo

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Monogram Paintings A-Z: Letter A

I've been feeling a little without a creative rudder with my 100 paintings finished...still puttering, getting pieces ready for shops & shows, but there is something about a project I love & feel energized by...especially a 26 painting project, conveniently one quarter the size of my previous one. Live & learn...

My fondness for letters & monograms, eclectic rooms and their vintage treasures hit me like "I should have had a V-8"....doooohhhh,,,,of course! And The Monogram Paintings were born. No deadline, no format, just the ABC's & hopefully some numbers & symbols for good luck!

Coming soon to a boxed set of notecards near you. (I think. I hope!)

A is a for absolute abundance & the art of allowing.

Here we go again!
Love, M. xo

Friday, July 5, 2013

Painting a Day Project: #100

When I finished this painting this afternoon, the hundredth, the hunsky, the finale, the Kilimanjaro of my artistic project trek, I had a million eloquent thoughts swirling around my head about completion, creativity, & following your dreams. It sounded really good on Channel Brain, while sipping coffee staring at a shrub in an outdoor cafe. I was freaking Annie Lamott & Julia Cameron's love child.

But this is now, actual fingers touching a key board and all I've got is: I done. I tired. I happy.

I actually have verbs too but I'm too lazy or drained to include. I have been thinking about what I've learned from this painting project, why I did it to begin with & what unexpected developments have come forth. 

Here are a few, in no particular order:
1. Start where you are. You're never ready.
2. Making art is showing up. Sit down, make a date, hire a teacher, hang with a friend, listen to a book on CD for company if it helps but it only gets done if you're there too.
3. Do the thing that feels right in your heart. Perhaps an obvious one but many of my past creations were inspired by what I thought I wanted my art to look like, not what came out of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm frequently disappointed & discouraged that I was not born with the last name Matisse, but I can say, that what I paint is me. 
4. Buy good materials when you can. They make you feel like a rockstar.
5. Be inspired by other artists. Nothing is original. We're all figuring this out, borrowing, giving away & finding our own voice in the process.
6. More is more. If I liked painting something once, do it again! And again! And once more for good luck.
7. Be open to synchronicity & say yes.  If unexpected gifts, requests or messages appear because you're doing something creative, it's a sign you're onto something. I can't count how many spectacular surprising wonderful things have developed since this project began. 
8. Trust & cherish your muse. Having a small select group of fans/supporters & people that love you big time keep the creative juices going. There will always be nay-sayers but the front row seats in your life are on the ones that matter.
9. Good, schmood. Is it "good"? Meh...I dunno. Keep going & one day something will be! It is commonly believed that it takes 3 years of regular practice to be a painter. I'm thinking that's on the short side. But, the big but, do it anyway because you can't improve if you're thinking about it. 
10. Gratitude. This project has started & finished during several roller coasters in my life & I am so grateful for the people who cheered me on, believed in me, encouraged me to follow my passions, speak my truth & share my unique vision with the world. My heart is full & I am so very thankful to these angels on earth. xo

So there she be. One Hundred Paintings, not exactly in a day, but one hundred total. I am grateful, I am thrilled to have followed through on it & I am blown away by the magical events that have been born out of this. In the next few weeks, I will launch Carpe Diem Papers, a greeting card company based on my original paintings. 

I think I should add #11 to my list: Miracles Happen.

So much love,
Mindy xoxo